First Hands Tied Blowjob
I give myself to you. I'm excited as you first tie my hands, then tie the rope to the metal bar on the ceiling. My knees rest on a small pillow, showing all of my curves, especially my narrow waist. I lustfully look at your shaft, but I have to wait for you to grab it and place it between my lips. You bring your cock close to my mouth, and I start swallowing it whole, and as you thrust into me, I moan even harder. I feel you go deep in my throat. Your cock is now so hard. I can't use my hands so I focus on your tip, sucking it and circling it with my tongue. You grab my head. Your toes clench, I stick my tongue out, and the first jet of sperm hits my mouth. The rest follows on my lips and chin. It drops onto my breasts and thighs. I smile, as I feel your wetness dripping down to my legs.

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