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Free a Mermaid - Save the Turtles!

Our Goal 5000 3502

Help release Mermaid Piper and save Sea Turtles! Did you know that turtles are my favorite animal? In an effort to protect these majestic aminals, a percentage of every 'Free A Mermaid' patronage will be donated directly to the Bali Sea Turtle Society. I will personally deliver our donations to their office in Denpasar. Your Patronage makes a difference to help save these beautiful sea creatures. To thank you for your generosity towards the sea turtles, you get access to the Patron content, and to the exclusive footage of Mermaid Piper's release into the Indian ocean. Please note that the complete video will only be posted here for your eyes only, my dearest Patrons. Do your good deed of the day, save a turtle now!