Bubble Gum Fetish
Chewing slowly, I discovered more and more about the types of gums, like Hubba Bubba, Bazooka, etc. The size of the bubbles. Also, the different ways to chew, mouth open or closed. How to pull on it with your fingers or just stick your tongue out. Swallowing your saliva or letting it drip. And then the final release, the pop. Just blowing it until it explodes. Pocking it with an object, clapping it with your hands, piercing it with your tongue, pinching it with your fingers. The sound of the burst, and of course the visuals.

We all have desires, and I have to admit there is something that fascinates me about SFW(safe for work) proclivities. Mostly due to them being performed out in the open.

Let’s say you are taking a walk, the chances are more likely you will see someone blowing a bubble than seeing someone performing a blowjob. But does it give you the same pleasure, or even discomfort to have to witness these events in public? You can always share your thoughts with our readers in a comment!

Thank you bubble gum!

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