Will It Fit Friday- The Show... that didn't make it to YouTube!
Support the creation of more Shows like WIFF, become a Patron now! Welcome to Will It Fit Friday- The not suitable for all audiences special Show! Where I try mystery clothes that you send me from Amazon, Etsy, your grandmothers' closet, or whatever. And it ends up being a little too revealing. Will it fit, that is the question? The small package does reveal a bit early what's inside because of its see-trueness. One thing I am sure of at this point is that it's black and black clothes usually tends to be on the wild side. Enough fabric to cover the body, but never thick enough to hide the colour of my skin. Special thanks to my secret admirer who bought this Friday's Will It Fit. Sorry, it could not be posted on YouTube, but next time send something rated G

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