Office Playtime
Lately, the best part of your job is the new intern. She's got that librarian look. A shy brunette with blue eyes. Her outfits keep your mind wandering, about what's underneath. One day, she asks if you can help her lift boxes in the storage room. You let her take the lead, to better glance at her curves. She opens the door, and the first thing you see is an old office chair. She carefully kneels in front of the chair, looking at you with a playful smile. You look around, there are no boxes. She caresses the bugle in your pants and makes you sit. Her face moves over your crotch. Until she unzips to release what she's been thinking of the entire week. Her mouth becomes wetter to the taste of your throbbing shaft. That makes you go crazy. You grab a handful of her hair and hold her above your erection. Moans keep on escaping her throat. She can't move, it excites her even more. You finally release her, so she can finish what she started.

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