On A Tight Leash: Blowjob!
I've always been a submissive, enjoying it with a willing Master. Let me show you! I'm patiently kneeling while his fingers massage the thick fabric of the leash. The other end is carefully tied to my collar. With every pull, I hold my position, not disappointing. But a part of me is so eager to feel his bareness on my face. I take so much pleasure in being dominated by him that moans escape the grip of my tight collar. His hand reaches the back of my head, and he pets me while pushing me into reach. I swallow all of him with a lustful appetite. As he pulls out, wet saliva drips all over. He puts his thumb between my lips. He knows that's not what I want, but he won't give it to me until I prove I'm a Good Girl. Finally, he gives me some lead and makes me watch him pleasure himself. With the assurance with which he strokes, I feel my panties soaking between my thighs. He can sense my craving, which makes him burst abundantly on my face. His relief makes me smile. Drops fall slowly, and I lick what I can catch. He pulls on the leash, and I follow on all fours.

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