Geeky Office Blowjob With The Secretary
The only thing that makes you happy about your job right now is seeing that new secretary. She is an intelligent brunette, with dark blue eyes. Her clothes never leave much to the imagination, which makes your mind take a break off of work! You ask her to go to the back office to look for a file, but it’s laying right here in front of you, on your desk. As thirty minutes passes, you have made her search enough. You enter in the small space. Her heels rise to her long legs; her thighs become wider. Her ass is sticking out towards you; her blouse rests on that perfectly curved back. She is there in the boxes searching for it. She lifts up her head and gives you that devilish smile. She was waiting for you! It’s the only place where you two can be alone. She kneels down in front of you. You can’t refuse her. She’s been teasing you for weeks. She touches your pressed pants; the bulge starts growing as does her smile. She unbuttons you; the rest is more vivid than your dream could ever be!

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