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Piper Blush, Art Model

Piper Blush is an art model, a muse. An artist herself, her body the echo of her soul. The medium with which she reveals thru self. Like so many before her, she provides men with a visual reference of feminity. Thus helping creators find inspiration as they gaze upon her upon her life force. Throughout the eras, the meaning and importance of the human figure in art do changes when confronted to societies ideals. None the less, it is to this date the most efficient way to bring into being an art piece. Without real life models, the art would not exist.

Egyptian Goddess

336 views - October 20th, 2017 (39 photos)

Will It Fit Friday- The Micro Show!

2975 views - October 19th, 2017

Spooky Cemetery

1581 views - October 15th, 2017 (41 photos)


7895 views - October 15th, 2017 (16 photos)

Kitchen Tip Gift

1870 views - October 14th, 2017 (25 photos)

Intoxicating Nurse!

9935 views - October 13th, 2017 (52 photos)

A Fall Afternoon!

1021 views - October 12th, 2017 (31 photos)

Object Of Desire

4031 views - October 12th, 2017 (52 photos)