Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

One of my most recent passions is Virtual Reality. If you don't already know, I'm telling you- it's the end of the world!

Like with the appearance of radios in every household, the HTCVive most particularly will revolutionise the way we play, learn or even receive information.

Why the HTCVive and not the Oculus Rift, the Samsung Gear or any other VR Headset? I possess all of the VR headsets and I have spent way too much time in the virtual world, mostly in the past couple of months. At this date, the HTCVive is the device that gives you the best overall experience. Because of its lighthouses, controllers, and very comfortable headset, it gives you the most immersion creating the perfect- Virtual Reality. There is none or very little lag, making it easier for its female users. I've read that women tend to be more sensitive to motion sickness, while using these types of devices. I've experienced it myself with the Oculus Rift, at some point the lag was so big I was like sea sick.

For men and women to finally be on the same level towards Virtual Reality is a huge. Not only for its applications in gaming but for all the others that will be developed such as tutorials, hangouts in the virtual world, creation programs, avatars...

Ill leave a little mystery, so that when you try it you are mind-blown as I was :)

Come play with or against me on the SteamCommunity See You Soon :)